CUK Audio
  • East Kilbride ,
  • Scotland ,
Looking in from the outside, you probably think that CUK Audio is just a company that distributes twenty three professional audio and video brands. Of course, this is true but we aim to be much more than that to our customers. We build long lasting relationships with customers and work with them as partners through all the stages in their projects; from conceptualisation and system design right through to commissioning and client sign-off.

When founded by Managing Director, Stuart Thomson in 2005, CUK Audio represented just a single brand - Community Professional Loudspeakers. Since then we have endeavoured to assemble a portfolio of interesting and innovative brands that helps us provide our customers with the complete audio solution.

The complete audio solution is, however, more than just great products; our experienced team of audio specialists work hard to back our products with impressive customer service and a range of support services to ensure customers' projects are a success.

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CUK Audio