our data policy

We understand that data is important, and that people want to know what we are doing with it. As a result we are committed to being completely transparent with how we collect and process the data on this website. Our data policy for personal data we collect about those using our website and listed on here if found in our privacy policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or anything data related on this website (and that’s most of it!) then please contact us at data@stagedata.org

Stage Data is a subsidiary of eStage Group Ltd, data on this website is held and processed by eStage Group.

Data we collect

The data we collect on venues, suppliers, and organisations is all displayed openly on the website – no data held or collected for Stage Data is hidden. Data is primarily collected from existing information available online, this data is inputed by our team who follow our data inputting guidelines. 

Where venues claim pages they may provide more detailed information, which will expand as this website does. Only venues may provide personal data about contacts within their venue and must consent to do so.

where we store data

The data for Stage Data is stored securely on eStage servers. These servers are hosted in the EU.

how we process data

The data from this page is used to provide the functions that are offered to users, such as filtered search, and will expand as the website develops. eStage may also use the data on this website to support its own business processes and services, at times data stored on these pages may be copied to eStage’s internal systems to allow eStage to better fulfil its services. 

your data rights

If you are a venue, supplier, or organisation who’s data is held on this website, you may, at any time request that we amend or remove this data if you do not feel it accurately represents your business. To do this please contact us at data@stagedata.org.