Stage Data is a site dedicated to being the best tool it can be for the theatre industry, providing you with as much theatre data as possible; from venue sizes, through to educational institutions and relevant associations, all for free. We endeavour to keep the data we provide as up to date and work with people and venues across the industry to do this. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

using data responsibly

We know that people get understandably concerned about how data is processed and used which is why we are clear about our policies.

our data policy

see our data use policy and find out more about what we do with this data.
our data policy

what do you aim to do?

We aim to be a one-stop shop for data across the theatre industry, a trusted and reliable source of theatre data, that enables people across the industry to more easily access and assess this information.

We aim to work with venues, suppliers, and other businesses across the industry to ensure that we can make their lives easier by providing them with one place to host their data, that can be referred back to time and time again.

We aim to present all this information to make it as easy as possible to understand, modify, and use. We will continue to develop and build on how you can use the data as we grow, and are always open to your suggestions.

who are you?

We are a group of production managers who were getting bored of spending hours finding the information we needed. To find out more about the team behind Stage Data, click here.

Stage Data is powered by eStage, a collective of like-minded people who know that by working together they can make things better, and make better things. eStage brings people together to create unique experiences, theatre, and events, whilst driving for new standards across the industry.

interested in helping?

We are always looking for new people to join the team, people who are willing to help us to keep Stage Data up to date and relevant.
If you're interested in joining our team get in contact.
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how does it work?

Stage Data is for everyone, we want to provide as much data as possible to the industry and ensure we keep it as accurate as possible. We do this in different ways to try and meet all our goals, as we list below.

for users

Anyone can access our data and search any of our databases, we do not, and will not, charge for access to this data. Our users are welcome to suggest updates or changes to how we present our data and processing options at any time, or to recommend venues, suppliers, or organisations we should add. There is some data that is only available to users who register with us, but this is free and easy to do, those who are registered are also to claim a listing.

for administrators

Anyone can sign up to be an editor and help us keep this data as up to date and accurate as possible. Editors have access to additional controls on each of our entries. We ask our editors to ensure the data they input meets our guidelines.

for venues

Venues can register and claim a listing and verify the information, as well as providing us with as much data as they would like to make available. Claimed venues have a verified tick next to them.

for businesses, organisations, and institutions

If you are a business, organisation, or educational institution in the industry and would like to be listed or claim your existing listing please contact us or fill out one of our forms and we will add you to our listings. We only list businesses and organisations that relevant to the industry and will contact you if we need further clarification on your listing.

What's next?

Find out more about our development plans here.