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Established in 1982 and based in North London, Autograph Sales & Installations is one of the UK’s leading sound companies for sales, installations and design of pro- audio.

We offer the broadest possible range of products and services to our clients, in order to ensure you get the audio solution that’s right for you – and your budget. Whilst the core technologies are generally consistent, our success comes largely from being able to relate to our clients in a variety of ways – as specifiers, as designers, as suppliers, as consultants or in whatever combination of those skills you may require.

Pioneers in theatre sound design since 1972, Autograph was born out of the growing need for a modern approach to live sound reinforcement and the increasing importance of audio in live stage shows. After almost a decade focussed on theatre sound design and rental, the company realised that the design principles, system engineering, technical expertise and equipment they had introduced to theatre and musical production was just as relevant to those wanting to buy rather than rent, and just as applicable in fields outside the theatre world.

Autograph Sales & Installations was founded specifically to address the wider marketplace whilst maintaining the standards of quality and innovation established by Autograph Sound.

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