Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA)
Redoubt House
1 Edward Road
  • Eastbourne ,
  • England ,
BN23 8AS
General: 01323 524120

PLASA is the lead international membership body for those who supply technologies and services to the event and entertainment industries.
The Association works to ensure that each sector is fully represented and plays an active role in highlighting best practice and safe working conditions.

PLASA supports its members by providing advisory and support services across business, technical, safety and regulatory issues, as well as a range of membership benefits, events and training courses, including three industry-recognised certification and training programs for riggers and production technicians.

PLASA’s commercial divisions play a crucial role in supporting Association activities. Print and digital editions of magazines LSi and LSA lead the market and are read by professionals in over 120 countries, while PLASA Show in London and regional Focus events provide businesses with the opportunity to showcase their technology and services.

The Association works actively with its members through its Managing Governing Body and specialist working groups. This continual collaboration creates opportunities for all members and shares knowledge, enabling businesses and individuals to grow personally and professionally, benefiting the wider industry.

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Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA)