KS Dance Ltd
9A Centre
  • Warrington
Woolston,  Warrington, Cheshire
General: 01925 837693

Our Training

World Renowned Dance Training of the Highest Calibre. Kate Simmons and her team are some of the UK’s most highly thought of when it comes to vocational Dance Training with many current Teachers in other vocational schools having been taught by Kate herself.

As a fully Accredited and Recognised College and School, KS Dance offers a yearly timetable full of performance experience and elite training. The team consists of specialists to aid a student pursue the exact career of their dreams. Students receive feedback and coaching on a 1 to 1 basis to ensure their nurture and development.

Annual Theatre Perfomances & Allegrodance Touring Company Experience offers Dancers the “Dance Company” Experience. Students learn the ropes when it comes to theatre. These performances also contribute to their Diploma/Degree Programme.

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KS Dance Ltd